The Colorado Boot; Perfect for Summer!

colorado black

The attractive, comfortable Colorado Boot is the perfect partner for riding, walking and yard tasks during the summer months ensuring your feet stay comfy and cool in hotter weather!

When walking and riding there is nothing more important than ensuring your feet are comfortable and adequately supported.

The Colorado Boot is perfect for when you want to ditch your long boots in hot weather. The robust and generously fitting short boot is made from water-resistant waxy nubuck leather and is fully lined in Cambrelle to enhance breathability. These smart and contemporary boots also feature honeycomb elastic side panels allowing a great fit and have two leather pull loops so they can be put on and pulled off with ease.

The sturdy moulded rubber soles are designed for riding providing grip and security but these functional boots are equally practical when walking. Whether you are in the saddle, helping to care for the horses or walking the Colorado Boots are ideal for summer!

The Colorado Boots are available in Black or Brown and priced at just £56.95 these durable, robust and stylish boots are a bargain!

Available today from the website: Or for more details or to purchase by phone Call: 01328 851432.


Are you Ready to Event?


If you are interesting in taking up Eventing then our latest blog is for you! We take a look at British Eventing’s ‘Pre Season Checklist’, available publically at, offering riders some tips on must-have kit and advice-

BE says…

  1. Your protective headwear must be of the standard PAS 015 or BSEN 1384; British Eventing will permit hats made solely to the ‘old’ BSEN 1384 hat in 2015, but not thereafter; all hats will be re-tagged in 2016. Your hat is tagged at the secretary’s tent at affiliated events, and the current hat tag colour is green.
  2. Remember that you may not wear hats with fixed peaks for the cross-country phase of eventing; only jockey skulls without peaks (e.g. with removable covers) are permitted in cross-country phases. Helmets with fixed peaks can still be worn for the showjumping and dressage phases.
  3. If you have a medical condition that may impact on your care in the case of an emergency, then you’re advised to wear a medical armband. Conditions that are relevant include recent head injury, serious past injuries or surgery, chronic health problems such as diabetes, as well as long-term medications and allergies. It is not necessary for competitors without any medical conditions to wear a medical armband.
  4. In terms of body protectors, for the cross-country phase, you must have a BETA approved and appropriately labelled level 3 body protector, dated 2000/2009. You are advised to visit a BETA-trained retailer to be fitted for a body protector. Air jackets are commonly worn as an addition to a body protector.
  5. Regarding vaccinations, your horse’s vaccinations must be up to date in advance of the event.

Taurus Footwear has a range of boots ideal for Eventing. For competing the Lancer Long Boot is ideal. The stylish long boot manufactured from quality black full-grain calf leather. Featuring elasticated front lacing and covered elasticated rear panel for improved fit, perfect for looking good in the show ring and for when comfort and performance matters most!

If you prefer Short Boots and Gaiters, this is permitted for Eventing. Why not pair the Kentucky Short Boot with the Taurus Leather Gaiters? Visit the website at to find out more!

For course walking the cross country course you can’t beat the Holkham Country Boot! Worn by our sponsored Event Rider Jemima Gray! The Holkham Boot is manufactured with waterproofed, waxy leather with stylish contrasting leather bands and stitching with a fully adjustable top lace. The boot is fully lined with soft Perlon and a W-Tex membrane which is waterproof, windproof and breathable providing a practical, functional boot which performs in every environment.

The hard wearing country boot is functional and also a winner on the style stakes looking utterly fabulous at equestrian events, providing a ‘designer’ country boot yet at a realistic, affordable price.

To find out more about the range of boots from Taurus Footwear including the range ideal for Eventing visit the website today!

The Spook Factor!

grey horse spooking_napping 2

Taurus Footwear sponsored rider, show jumper and instructor, Michaela Huntington, shares her advice for the rider when coping with a spooky horse at an indoor venue. 

Indoor Arenas are less common in the current economic climate, with high building, lighting, maintenance and planning costs for the owners; not to mention exorbitant business rates. Centres have become much more focused on their new superb outdoor facilities which are being used eight or more months a year, after which they accept a virtual shut down over the worst months, leaving us with few and far between places to go in winter. Accordingly, our horses become less used to jumping indoors, and therefore can become more spooky, and less fluent in their jumping.

Top Tips from Taurus Rider Michaela Huntington

  1. Where possible, try to replicate the objects of fear that your horse would be likely to react to – banners along the sides, pots of flowers, fillers, water trays, etc. Utilise what you have at home, eg. empty feed sacks, tarpaulin etc.
  2. A good tip is to improve your leg yielding skills, so that you are able to get the horse to move sideways off your leg in either direction, as it can be very helpful to prevent and block a spook that you feel is about to happen.
  3. Training on the flat will improve your ability to move forwards or sideways at will, and concentrate the mind-set of the horse on your instructions and his subsequent obedience, rather than his own free thoughts, which may run him into trouble! For example, if there is a scary banner on your right hand side, you should get left bend, so that the horse is not looking at the ‘monster’ on his right. Next, leg yield from left to right, so that you are still riding alongside the foe, where you want to be, but you are in control.
  4. Another option to think about would be sheepskin bridle additions which cover each cheek piece, slightly restricting the horse’s view to a more central line. These are quite legal in British Showjumping providing they are not too thick; around 3cm is acceptable.
  5. Once again, we must follow the tried and tested methods of training and practice. Identify all possible indoor facilities within an acceptable radius, and attend clear round shows when possible, consider hiring arenas for you own or shared use, and maybe jumping at club nights even at lower levels until confidence has been built up.
  6. At a competition, it is a good idea to enter the ring as early as you can, and ride around the obstacles. You are given a 45 second countdown after the bell goes and before you go through the start, which – indoors – is longer than you think, and can be a real help in settling your horse.

Taurus Footwear is proud to sponsor Michaela Huntington. Here at Taurus we produce competitively-priced, high-quality leather equestrian footwear for all ages, sizes and disciplines. Michaela’s personal favourites include the Lancer Competition Boot, the Kentucky Jodhpur Boot and the Colorado Boot! To find out more about these boots or a wide range of equestrian and countryside footwear visit

Boot-up for the Show Ring!

in hand showing 2

With the Summer show season upon us in our latest blog Taurus Footwear takes a look at footwear for showing and how to best ‘boot-up’ for the show ring!

It is vitally important to have the correct footwear when dealing with horses and particularly in the show ring, where every point counts! You need your boots to be comfortable, safe, waterproof and supportive throughout the foot and ankle. It is also a real bonus to have a breathable boot in the spring and summer, as you are likely to be wearing them for hours at a time!

In hand
A sturdy soled jodhpur boot such as the range available from Taurus Footwear are ideal with your tailored trousers – plain black or brown is very smart, and will tone well with either light or dark colours. A short boot will give you maximum freedom of action and comfort, especially when you need to run with your horse!

Ridden classes

Ladies will often favour a long boot which will show leg position to the best advantage. Traditional long boots for showing differ from those used in other disciplines, in that they have a straight top rather than a cut away design. If wearing jodhpur boots, or buying for a child, purchase a well fitting show boot with thin soles that will look streamlined in the stirrup. Again, black or brown are popular but a particularly smart favourite is ‘oxblood’, teamed with yellow jodhpurs. Remember to add jodhpur clips in the same colour as the boot, for the finishing touch.

Bear in mind your whole support team, particularly if one of them is to enter the ring to assist you at any point. A professional turnout is essential; country long boots, such as Taurus Footwear’s Holkham, would be an ideal choice to complete the picture. Aim for practicality and comfort together with traditional styles when shopping for your showing footwear.

The famous Oxblood boots from Taurus Footwear!
The 17th century word ‘oxblood’ describes the rich, browny-red colour (described as somewhere on the colour-wheel between bordeaux and burgundy!) that’s beloved in the show-ring. The Hampton show boot by Taurus Footwear comes in kids’ sizes starting at a tiny size 5. The Hampton is a smart, desirable jodhpur boot that is ideal for the show ring. This boot has a fine-ribbed rubber sole for a streamlined look and improved connection with the stirrup iron. The Hampton also features an almond shaped, tapered toe for a refined appearance. The boot features a beautiful, scuff-resistant leather upper and a calf leather lining, for breathability.
Other colours in the Hampton range include Black and Brown. Hampton children’s sizes 5 to 2 are priced at £29.95. Adult sizes 3 to 7 are priced at £39.95.

Taurus boots are engineered for performance and style and are available from stockists around the UK. Also available to order direct from Call 01328 851432. A full range of equestrian footwear is available.

An Exciting Update from Taurus Footwear Ambassador Para Rider Mari Akhurst!

Mari and lorry

Mari Durward-Akhurst is one of Taurus Footwear’s Ambassador riders. The 20 year old Para Dressage Rider on the Para Squad of the British Equestrian Federation Excel Talent Programme and here at Taurus we are proud to be supporting her with fabulous equestrian footwear!

In our latest blog we take a look at an update direct from Mari about her recent exploits and plans for the coming season!

Mari says…

“This month has been extremely hectic as I have been sitting my final year Uni exams as well as keeping up with my training and competing but my sister who is working as a vet in America has been to stay and it has been fabulous to have her with us!

My first competition was a KBIS Qualifier at West Wiltshire Equestrian Centre. It was fantastic to have my sister there she hasn’t seen me competing for a while. Sky warmed up beautifully and went in and did two super tests, sadly in the first test we had a slight miss communication and Sky cantered on the 10m circle instead of trotting this was very costly from two judges. But we finished 2nd with just under 65%.

The second test which was the qualifier I was really happy about how it went and I was thrilled with the score 66.34% and a 2nd place. My best ever score :D, all our hard work is paying off. I have been working really hard at home with my trainer Linsay, and Sky really has come on leaps and bounds, it’s great to see the judges are starting to see the improvement!

Our last competition of the month was off to Oldencraig. I was having a very wobbly day and really struggling with spasm in my right hand. But I got onboard and Skysie was such a superstar looking after me. I was really pleased with the first test, the 2nd test I didn’t have much left to give but we managed an ok test. I was really pleased with the results we won our section in the first test and got 66.46% and in the 2nd test we got 68.18% and finished 2nd. I am pleased to say we should have now qualified for the Para Dressage Restricted Summer Championships and are on our way to qualifying for the Open Championships which will be held at Hickstead in June.

I then had a very exciting plan for the evening as I was off to the Luton Sports Awards. I had been nominated for an award and had been shortlisted to the top 3. We listened to a talk from Megan Harris who was the guest speaker and who is a Paralympic athlete herself which was inspirational and I then discovered I had actually been nominated for two awards!

The final result saw me win the Service to Disability Award and to come 2nd Runner Up in the Sports Women of the Year Category. I had an absolutely fantastic day topped off by a fantastic night! Thank you to everyone that nominated me and then voted for me. I cannot thank my support team enough as without them what I do wouldn’t be possible and I wouldn’t have won these awards. They are not just for me but also my support team and my two fantastic horses!

mari prizes

I’ve been enjoying wearing my fantastic Lancer boots which are so comfy and everyone everywhere I go always comments on how smart they are. Thanks Taurus…until next time, happy riding everyone!”

To find out more about the Lancer Boots worn by Mari Akhurst visit the website at

Taurus Leather Gaiters Featured in Equine Magazine and now Available in Children’s Sizes!

Equine Magazine June 2015 cropped

Our latest addition to the Taurus range the Leather Gaiter range hit the shelves in late 2014 and the stylish Gaiters have now been featured in Equine Magazine (pictured above).

Manufactured from soft, calf Aniline Leather, a soft Amara lining the stunning Taurus Leather Gaiters have an elasticated rear panel to ensure optimum flexibility and a streamlined fit, hardwearing YKK rear zip and elasticated stirrup.  The Leather Gaiters are offered in Black or Brown and offer a comfortable and robust alternative to long boots.

Now available in a range of Children’s sizes S-L as well as the pre-existing adult sizes – XXS to XXL: RRP £34.00 for Childrens’ and £42.25 for Adult sizes.

In addition the Leather Gaiters can be perfectly paired with the Classic Jodhpur Boot to create a timeless, equestrian fashion look at home or in the show ring!

To find out more and purchase your pair visit the website today at or Tel: 01328 851 432.

Taurus Rider Jemima Updates on her Latest News!

jemima on the beach 2

Talented young event rider Jemima Gray is a brand ambassador for Taurus Footwear. Jemima has had a rough start to the 2015 season but we are are pleased to report she is back on track and recently met up with the owners of Taurus Footwear Sally and Jonathan on the beautiful Holkham beach! Here is what Jemima had to say…

“Well we’ve started – and paused – the season… After coming 5th at our first event of 2015 unfortunately I’ve became ill again (my body reacted really badly to a triple treatment of antibiotics and slightly shut down) so I’ve had to take some time off and do nothing but lie on the sofa, it’s been absolute torture. To most teenagers without horses my recent lifestyle may sound appealing, but without riding, running and generally being busy I’ve been going quietly insane, I think it’s safe to say that I’m rubbish at relaxing!

However I’m back on the horses now and have been competing my 14.2hh, 6yo Bug who has come on a massive amount. Two months ago he wasn’t balanced enough to canter round the school and stopped at a pole on the ground but now he’s pinging 1m SJ tracks and some decent fences XC schooling (see picture). He’s got the most trainable attitude and scary amounts of scope (I almost get jumped off on a regular basis) so I’m very excited about him. Sadly he’ll be for sale soon as I’m just producing him, so if anyone would like a potential pony show jumper, let me know!

bug XC

My mother and I took the ponies (Bug and Foxy) to Norfolk last week to ride on Holkham beach and to see Jonathan and Sally who run Taurus Footwear. We stayed in the horsebox for a few days and the ponies had a little field just outside, slightly primitive but it was fun and definitely worth it.

jemima on the beach 4

The beach was stunning and riding in a place of such amazing natural beauty was slightly surreal – but in a good way! Jonathan took photos of us riding and afterwards they took us out to lunch, which was delicious and much needed! They very kindly gave me some more Kentucky and Holkham Rider Boots, as well as a gilet, shirts and saddle cloth, so I’m well equipped for my return to eventing and very spoilt! Riding on the beach has to be one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had, there couldn’t have been a better way to spend half term.

jemima on the beach 1

My AS exams are nearly over, a long summer stretches ahead of me and I’ve got three talented horses to ride and compete, life could be worse! We are keen to get Murphy out doing BE again as soon as possible, so who knows what the rest of the season will hold?! I’d like to say an enormous thank you to Taurus for their unwavering support, it makes all the difference and it’s a privilege to wear their high quality, stunning boots.

My favourites have to be the Kentucky short boots for training, Holkham boots for walking courses and to wear at events and the Lancer long boots for competing. Have a look at their website by visiting!”

Fabulous Write-up on the Holkham Rider in the Horse & Hound Buyers’ Guide!

Horse & Hound online buyers guide to yard boots

We were thrilled to be named in the ‘best boot guide’ featured in Horse & Hound Magazine and the Holkham Rider Boot received some fabulous praise and an excellent review.

Horse and Hound said…

“The warmest and comfiest boots you will ride in! The Holkham is a 100% waterproof and hardwearing country boot, also suitable for riding. With waterproof waxy leather and contrasting leather bands and stitching, and with a fully adjustable top lace, this is smart boot with a durable and non-slip rubber sole that smoothly transitions from yard work to riding. Fully lined using Perlon and with a W-Tex Waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane throughout, this stylish boot has a straight cut shape. You can even wade through puddles in it!”

Available in sizes 4-8 in regular or wide widths. Priced at £179.95!

To find out more about the gorgeous Holkham Rider Boots visit the Taurus Footwear website at or Tel: 01328 851 432.

Horse & Hound Gives the Savanna Boot a Glowing Review!

H&H review

The Taurus Savanna Boot was recently reviewed by Horse & Hound Magazine, and we were thrilled to hear of the glowing review of the boot from the chosen tester! Horse & Hound said “Our reviewer found these boots were great for all aspects of equestrian life, from yard work to riding, and they still look like new five months on!”

The Savanna is a popular everyday riding boot in water-resistant waxy leather with multiple covered elasticated panels offering an improved fit. The Savanna is equipped with a practical side zip for ease of entry with elasticated strap at the top with press stud fastener.

The Thermy-tex treated padded lining has a high absorption capacity and is very breathable and is specially formulated to prevent bacteria and odours. The non-slip rubber riding sole has been designed especially for good grip in the stirrup!

Emily, our tester said…

“These are lovely comfortable boots that have worn extremely well. They arrived very well packaged and looked exactly as advertised on the website.

The boots fitted well from the start and took no wearing in and I found them brilliantly warm and comfortable for yard work and the soles offered a decent amount of grip in mud, ice, snow and water which I was very impressed by.

I also found them very good to ride in, offering a small enough foot to fit comfortably within the stirrup while feeling like my feet had room to move and ride easily.

The boots still look in very good condition after five months of use, and are very easy to clean without damaging the leather.

The only downside to the boots I feel, is the small velcro fastening at the top of them, which often undoes if the boots are wet or dirty.

I would definitely recommend the boots and I feel they are very good value for money.

My conclusion would be a score of 9/10 for these durable, comfortable boots with good grip which are suitable for both yard work and riding!”

To purchase your pair of the fabulous Savanna Boots visit the website today at or Tel: 01328 851432 to speak to a member of our team! Available in Black or Brown in sizes 4-8.

Riding Straight!

Michaela huntington

By instructor and showjumper, Michaela Huntington

Riding a horse in a straight line is easy, right? Actually, many horses are not straight throughout their bodies – but there are ways in which to improve equine straightness.

An exercise on the flat
Here’s a great exercise to improve straightness. Begin by placing two poles either side of X (the imaginary marker in the centre of the school) and the centre line, parallel with the long sides of your arena, approximately four feet apart. This will provide a corridor for you to ride in between. Further poles (or blocks/wings) can be placed along the edges of the arena, again about four feet away from the sides at either end of your school near A and C, for you to ride around as you approach or leave the centre line. You are building barriers for you and your horse to see and ride around and produce accurate riding. As your horse is more likely to drift when he is working away from the surrounding wall of the arena, plan your use of corridors to aid in training him to keep his concentration anywhere in the school. The exercises can be done in all three paces.

H&C coridors pic

Corridors can be used in conjunction with pole work and jumping in almost any combination, providing they are not within the take-off or landing areas of any jump.

To see a range of articles, videos and reviews concerning equestrian and countryside matters, visit